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Re: GSBN:straw bale in the Wall Street Journal

Hi Lorenzo,

We don't allow attachments on GSBN due to the threat of spreading
email viruses.

Also, some members have slow dialup connections or have to pay by the
byte for what they download, and would definitely *not* welcome
attachments.  Those of us with fast connections sometimes forget and
send huge files...

At 2:47 PM +0200 8/10/06, Lorenzo Robles wrote:
Hi Bruce,
I am quiet interested in getting a copy (May I confess that will be the very
first time I read a page of the Wall Street Journal?) In a near future,
maybe it  changes its title for "the SB Wall (Street )Journal"!!!
A suggestion, as many will surely ask for a copy:is it  possible to just
send as an attachment, to the whole gSBN forum, or is it just not feasable
on forums? (sorry, am notta computer expert)

Bill Christensen
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