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GSBN:Wall Street in Review

<x-charset windows-1250>Interesting article in the WSJ, and probably about what you would expect
from a newspaper that finds Dick Cheney to be a normal guy. Over the years,
new fears pop up about strawbale, one after the other, and get shot down
(dare I say, "like ducks").   Some, embedded deep in the psyche, pop back up
(rats in the walls), others are new and have a relatively short life, like
fire sprinklers wetting the walls, "my biggest nightmare" according to an
architect quoted in the article.
The story shows that it's all who you talk to.  The Insurance Information
Institute was quoted as saying that most insurers have balked at straw-bale,
but that isn't our experience, and kind of belies the reason for the
article, that "straw bales are beginning to be found in larger projects
nationwide."  The reporter found that American Family Insurance won't do SB,
but didn't talk to any companies who do.. The reporter did, of course, talk
to Bruce King "an engineer and straw bale construction fan" who "operates a
straw-bale advocacy Web site" . Curiously, that organization and web site
are not identified, so I went to Goggle for answers.....  
Googling "Bruce King" we find that he "offers free serious injury law
consulations [sic] toll free 1-866-444-1444".  Hmm, perhaps that's someone
else....let's see.  
Oh, ok... here we find it: "Bruce King chosen as one of the ?Ten Indie
Artist You Should Know? by HYPERLINK
"<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.christianitytoday.com/music/reviews/2005/tenindieartists2005fall";>http://www.christianitytoday.com/music/reviews/2005/tenindieartists2005fall</a>
.html"ChristianityToday.com"  hmmmm, perhaps an alter ego.
Ah, scrolling down THERE IT IS!  Something called the "Ecological Building
Network" says:  "The need for a comprehensive source of information on
ecological building materials led Bruce and his colleagues to create the
Ecological Building Network. EBNet's advisory board consists of experts in
the field of green building from all over the world who will contribute to
EBNet publications and seminars."   Not exactly a straw bale advocacy Web
site, but I guess that's the guy.  [Note to Mr. King: perhaps your
organization could be renamed "Building Materials Institute"].
But I digress.  The interesting thing about the article is that, despite the
gloom, it was written at all, and had to be, because straw bale continues to
spread, like a gentle rain;  fears pop up and fade like spring flowers, and
the straw, miraculously, stays dry.
John "[Strawbale] Wall Street" Swearingen

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