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RE: GSBN:Off The Wall Journal article -- the truth!

<x-charset windows-1250>Yes, I was trying to be polite (this being a family site) to give the whole
story.  At the time of bidding we also warned them (and I think Turko Semmes
did too) that their details were silly. We offered to fix them AND save them
lots of money in the process. They were too busy or too proud to hear it,
and paid the price.

John "I TOLD You So" Swearingen

John Swearingen
design and construction

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The article was the reporter's best attempt to reconcile the fact that
a certain architect  who is not Dan Smith -- and who had prompted the
article in the first place -- had royally screwed up the design.  It
was a classic case of architectural and engineering hubris, and they
made every possible mistake in the book, and even invented some new
ones <cut>

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