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GSBN: "Straw-Bale Wall" Street Journal article

After buying my first copy ever, I read the Wall Street Journal article

Although the author got many things right, there are numerous things that
are either not quite right (we've all seen this with virtually every
newspaper article on strawbale), or in a few places paint a defaming picture
of strawbale.  John Swearingen very astutely identified most of them.  In
addition to those John (and Bruce) identified, I was also taken with the
image of "Chainsaw-wielding workers".  Not to mention that the title - "Will
Insulating With Straw Catch Fire?" - makes no grammatical sense.

Of course it is great to have exposure in such a mainstream publication, but
only to the extent that is accurate.  So with the number of inaccuracies
(explicit or by omission), and to stem any erroneous negative perception in
such a widely distributed and respected publication, I wonder if we might
write a response "letter to the editor" to set the record straight.

By suggesting this I set myself up to write it (although I nominate John),
but first of all does anyone else think this is a worthy idea?  If someone
would draft it, those who wanted to could "sign it", as members of the GSBN.

Martin Hammer

PS - After seeing with amusement the results John obtained by "Googleing"
Bruce King's name, I entertained myself doing the same with my own name.  In
addition to finding a few straw bale references, I found - "Martin Large
Face Pick Finishing Hammer".  It has such a curious and lyrical ring to it,
I'm considering changing my middle name to "Large Face Pick Finishing".  I
also found - "The Hammer of Darkness" - which is not quite as appealing.
Try it with your own name in your spare time.

> Yes, I was trying to be polite (this being a family site) to give the whole
> story.  At the time of bidding we also warned them (and I think Turko Semmes
> did too) that their details were silly. We offered to fix them AND save them
> lots of money in the process. They were too busy or too proud to hear it,
> and paid the price.
> John "I TOLD You So" Swearingen
> John Swearingen
> design and construction
>  www.skillful-means.com
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> The article was the reporter's best attempt to reconcile the fact that
> a certain architect  who is not Dan Smith -- and who had prompted the
> article in the first place -- had royally screwed up the design.  It
> was a classic case of architectural and engineering hubris, and they
> made every possible mistake in the book, and even invented some new
> ones <cut>