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GSBN: Digest for 8/11/06

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-> Re: GSBN: "Straw-Bale Wall" Street Journal article
     by billc billc_lists@...


Date: 11 Aug 2006 23:22:47 -0700
From: billc billc_lists@...
Subject: Re: GSBN: "Straw-Bale Wall" Street Journal article

At 2:42 AM -0700 8/11/06, Martin Hammer wrote:
>Of course it is great to have exposure in such a mainstream publication, but
>only to the extent that is accurate.  So with the number of inaccuracies
>(explicit or by omission), and to stem any erroneous negative perception in
>such a widely distributed and respected publication, I wonder if we might
>write a response "letter to the editor" to set the record straight.

A letter to the editor is often a good idea, as it not only sets the
record straight (assuming they publish it) but also gives the topic
yet more exposure.

May I suggest the "begin and end with praise" method, where you start
by congratulating them on covering this important topic, then make
your corrections and additions, then "look forward to more such
articles.." or other similar encouragement. People can tolerate
constructive feedback better if you pat them on the head a bit, and
we also want the writer to be on our side.

>PS - After seeing with amusement the results John obtained by "Googleing"
>Bruce King's name, ...
>Try it with your own name in your spare time.

I didn't expect to find much other than stuff that I have put on the
web myself, but interestingly, the second hit on my name was:

US Air Force Takes a Look at Teleportation -- Bill Christensen
- --
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