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Re: GSBN:Commercial building permit application requires 90/90/90 fire rating.

Hi Brian
Here in Australia , Frank Thomas has a German test that may be useful for
your purposes.
Why don't you try him.
I got a copy . Its been translated to English


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Hi all,
Is there any possibility of gaining a copy of the recent fire test.

I currently in the process of applying for a building permit to build a
3,000 square foot factory in Bendigo Central Victoria Australia. The
building is to be erected on the boundary, so it is necessary to comply
with fire regulations. My building surveyor has agreed to submit an
application for special consideration if I can provide him with a copy
of the recent report. He explained that this would be a one of
application that would not give automatic acceptance of straw bale in
Australia for such applications. However, it would go a long way to
setting a precedence to be referred to by other applicants.

There is a bit of mucking about to achieve this, but I think it is
worthwhile. The concept of building a tilt panel or colourbond factory
as an alternative does not appeal.

The building will be a portal frame with standard 450 (18") deep bales
3.6 (12 ft) high. The uprights of the frame will be approx. 6 meters (20
ft) apart. We would be using flat fillament polyester strapping with
1100kg breaking strain, at 450 (18") centers to compress the wall. Does
anyone have suggestions regarding the height of the wall and lateral

Looking forward to your feedback.

Brian Hodge

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