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Re: GSBN:Compression


I just visited the FASBA (German SB association) gathering in Walthershausen where 2 presenters focussed on this subject based on laboratory testing trying to determine how much pre-tension is required to avoid creep with unplastered bales. Basically what it boils down to is that you need 30% pre compression on 100kg/m^3 dry density bales. ie practically impossible. At the same time though I must clearly state that the tests being done are very useful and will give us some very useful data on the behavior of unplastered 2 string and Jumbo bales.

John Zahng of Australia has done similar plastered full wall tests and found that about 4% pre-compression is required to avoid initial creep. This figure roughly corresponds to what has been found in practice to be the right amount of pre-compression. Incidentally the force-deflection curves presented at the Fasba gathering exhibited the same flow as those found by John Zahng.

On Aug 22, 2006, at 06:54, Maren Termens wrote:

Hi all,

does somebody know which pressure per area it's needed to compress Nebraska-walls? Or can you tell me which pressure are you normally using? I'm looking after essays and tests which work with this item, I couldn't find technical information about that.
  Thanks a lot.



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