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RE: GSBN:Re: All Thread Compression.

<x-charset windows-1250>Welllllll,

my alter-ego from down under is still using 19th Century technology...little
rods with threads and nuts.  We haven't done that in a decade, after we
stripped out the threads trying to even out our walls. But then I guess
Ausie bales are fluffier than the industrial bales we have in California.  

We usually put up our roof first then just lever down the penultimate bale
before slipping in the last one. Since the framing is done without those
pesky bales around it's straight and level, and fiddling around with a bunch
of nuts to make it straight isn't needed.  No grooves in the bales, with
potential for cracking, either. No holes to drill, nutin!.  Just the old
faithful lever.

John "Up Under" Swearingen

John Swearingen
design and construction

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G ' day Bill

The all thread we use in pairs opposite each other at centres established by
the engineer.  usually every 1.8 metres apart and beside window and door
openings.  The all thread is placed the width of the bale and anchored into
the sub-floor.  We do not impale the bales and we cut a small groove with a
chain saw so that the all thread is recessed into the bales prior to
rendering.  The all thread then goes through the top plate and screwed down.
We get super accurate pre-compression using this method.

It works very well with in-fill as well as load bearing and I cannot see a
better method for pre-compression.  I have uploaded a few pics on SB-r-us
under Aussie Straight walls in the photo section.

It is very easy to do and works extremely well and leaves fencing wire and
pallett plastic strapping for dead.  However each to his own method I
suppose but we will not be going backwards.

I can send you some pics if you would like some.

Salaam The Straw Wolf.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.glassford.com.au/";>http://www.glassford.com.au/</a>

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