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GSBN:New BWB Strawbale Curriculum

At 10:16 AM 8/26/2006, Joyce Coppinger wrote:
Hello everyone.......I am working on an update of the GSBN member list to send to you all (i.e., the searchable spreadsheet I emailed to you a few months ago). Would you be willing to send your mailing address and telephone/fax information for inclusion on this list? If so, please reply to this email including your full mailing address, telephone/fax numbers. The list is not sold or shared with anyone other than those who are GSBN members.

Hi Everyone --

Thanks to Joyce for compiling this spreadsheet list! I encourage you-all to email her your contact info:
Joyce Coppinger jc10508@...

On behalf of Builders Without Borders, I am pleased to announce that we have "finished" the BWB Straw Bale Construction Curriculum -- a Hands-on workshop Guide for Facilitators and Students. (See press release below.)

BWB would like to send a free copy of the Facilitator's Guide to everyone on this GSBN list (we will use Joyce's new database to get your addresses).

We hope you will find the Curriculum to be a useful resource. We are currently self-publishing via a print-on-demand service. The cost for B&W (with color cover) will be Facilitator's guides: $25, Student Guides: $20. (Bulk discounts will be available.)

We are very open to your feedback in how to make this a better resource, so feel free to email your suggestions to mail@... If you want to mark up your copy and mail it to us -- great! We will replace your copy with a current edition.

For those of you who will be at the ISBBC next month -- Derek Roff & I will be bringing copies to distribute there, and save the postage. Let us know if you will be there at -- mail@...

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Catherine Wanek  - Administrative Coordinator
& Derek Roff - Director

For Immediate Release:
BWB - Networking Natural Builders Worldwide

Builders Without Borders announces the publication of a new strawbale building guide for emergency and affordable housing. The BWB Strawbale Construction Curriculum is a manual offering instruction on regionally appropriate, low-tech building options. If straw bales are available, a sturdy shelter can be constructed very quickly with few tools and little experience. This approach is also low cost, especially if the labor is supplied by the owner/builder. The Curriculum includes both a facilitator's and a student version. They are used concurrently, in conjunction with a hands-on strawbale workshop. During the workshop, participants learn how to build a simple structure from the ground up. The curriculum shows a variety of options and reinforces the lessons learned in the hands-on workshop. The guides offer a visual format to help bridge language and illiteracy barriers. Strawbales are suitable for solving the housing shortage in economically marginalized communities because of their super-insulating qualities and their low cost as an agricultural waste material. They function as giant building blocks and can be quickly stacked into walls by a volunteer crew with little or no building experience. BWB is an international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of straw, earth and other local, affordable materials in construction. We believe that the solution to homelessness is not merely housing, but communities trained to provide housing for themselves. To this end, we create educational books, CD-ROMs, DVD's, and videos, organize and promote hands-on workshops, and partner with other non-profit organizations to build affordable sustainable housing. Recent BWB hands-on projects include partnerships with NGOs in the construction of a straw-bale demonstration building for a nature preserve in the Altai region of Russia, an ecological orphanage in South Africa, and affordable straw/clay/pallet homes in Anapra, Mexico. Visit the website for Workshops, Projects, Images, Publications, Resources, Links and a free web Newsletter. <<a target="_blank" href="http://www.builderswithoutborders.org/";>http://www.builderswithoutborders.org/</a>>www.builderswithoutborders.org

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