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Re: *** PROBABLY SPAM *** GSBN:A question about quantification of carbon sequestration in a bale and bale structures structures

Dear David,

How good is your French? On our website you can find a carbon
sequestration estimation done for a  sb project:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.lamaisonenpaille.com/div/BILAN%20CO2%20BATIMENT%20URBILOG%20AVRIL%202006.pdf";>http://www.lamaisonenpaille.com/div/BILAN%20CO2%20BATIMENT%20URBILOG%20AVRIL%202006.pdf</a>



strawnet@...?crit :
 Hi all,

 A friend who we've been working with who is involved with Native American renewable energy projects and also affordable energy-efficient housing for Native Americans just inquired about carbon sequestration in bales and bale structures. I know that there has been research done on this and that some folks have done work related to getting carbon trading credits for bale structures but after hunting around a bit here I can't seem to lay my hands on that info and wondered if anyone on the list has credible data and sources of information about that?

 Thanks for any help any of you might be able to provide.

 Warmest regards,

 David Eisenberg

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