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RE: GSBN:Re: pre-compression

Hi Derek,
The crease that the strapping company is referring to is not only the
crease at the buckle, but at any point along the length of the strapping
such as where it runs over timber. If the retensioning is done on both
sides it is likely that the crease will remain in the same position
across the timber, however, given that we deal only with owner builders,
I am concerned as to their capacity to reliably achieve this.
Consequently, the shift to polyester which does not have this concern.

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> The manufacturers of the plastic strapping advised
> me that it cannot be tensioned more than once, as the crease created
> by the initial tensioning will be a point of failure.

Strapping systems vary.  On the ones that I have used, after
re-tensioning, the crease from the initial tensioning is no longer
within the tensioned section of the strap.  It is hanging loose,
unloaded, and flapping in the breeze.  Therefore, it won't be a point of
failure.  I can imagine that it might be, if I were progressively
loosening the straps, rather than tightening them.


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