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Re: GSBN:Ugandan building project

Thanks  Martin

I appreciate any contacts that can lend some insight into conditions in

I look forward to meeting you at the ISBBC.


Martin Hammer wrote:

Ben -

Through my recent sb codes research, the only straw bale building activity
in Africa I could find was in South Africa.  The two contacts I have in
South Africa might be able to steer you in the right direction regarding the
project in Uganda, although those two countries are not particularly close
geographically.  In any case . . .

Andy Horn - ecodesign@...
Colin Marincowitz - linkpty@...

In my communication with both, they professed little knowledge about sb work
in other parts of Africa, but it is worth seeing what they have to say about
Uganda.  Good luck.

Martin Hammer

PS - Bill Christensen,  is Andy Horn a member of the GSBN?

Hi All

I have been asked to work on an orphanage in Central Uganda and am
looking for any contacts on this list that are located (or do work) in
the region.

Briefly, a contractor I recently worked with told me his daughter and
her husband work with Ugandan orphans. They have already procured a 100
acres tract upon which to put the buildings. There is the possibility of
an additional 300 acres of land being provided. Their current program is
to build as self sustaining of a community as possible. As he (the
contractor) explained, their hope is to purchase a block forming machine
and produce the walls from local soils (perhaps w/ some sort of
stabilizer added). They can fabricate roof trusses from local materials
and will roof w/ corrugated metal. They have 2 existing wells on site
and are working to have a small herd of cattle donated or purchased.
They hope to create methane gas to use for energy.

The people behind this appear (so far) to be dedicated and motivated.
They have a non profit 501 c-3 in place and the person who has contacted
me is a retired General Contractor who has previously experience
building from local materials in less developed countries.

Any thought, comments or interest will be greatly appreciated.

Take Care

Ben Obregon Architect
Austin, TX USA

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