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GSBN:Zambia Help

Is anyone in a position to help this fellow?

On Sep 6, 2006, at 2:05 PM, alain wrote:

Athena, Bill,

I am looking for explanations and/or illustrations and references
to "Self-draining foundations" that I couldn't find on your
website. I live in Zambia as you can see
and I will be the first to build a strawbale structure here. It's a
big challenge because of the abundance of termites, bushfires and
inexistence of square balers
so I'm engineering everything purposedly for this project. The
structure will be 2-storey 2 bedrooms on first floor and sitting,
dining, fireplace, kitchen on ground floor;
a plunge pool will be adjacent within the house frame.

Passionated for buildings as a hobby, I became interested in low-
income structures, starting with pressed earthblocks but now with
straw bales. The grass that
is available here is nowhere near anything seen on the web but I
want to teach this technique to villagers because it is aimed at
them essentially.

Could you please put me in the right direction to get hold of this
foundation type ? Another question is that on many sites, people
have been using a wooden frame/skeleton
that they have filled in with bales; I would prefer not to use a
frame because of the costs implications. For a 2-storey structure,
does your experience tell that a frame structure
is absolutely necessary or not ?

I would be extremely happy if you could reply to both emails (work
and home). Let me know if coming to a workshop will make the
difference in my assessments.

Kind regards

Alain Degroot
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