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GSBN:Andy Horn nomination

Yes Bill.  Consider this a nomination that Andy Horn become a member of the
GSBN.  Not to unnecessarily exclude Colin Marincowitz, but I am more
familiar with Andy, his knowledge of straw bale building in South Africa,
and his straw bale work.  It seems important to have someone from South
Africa (or anywhere in Africa) on the list, and I believe Andy is the most
knowledgeable and experienced person there.  I haven't asked him if he is
interested, but I suspect yes.  His e-maii address is shown below.

Anyone want to offer a second?  Thanks.

Martin Hammer

> At 10:29 PM -0700 9/2/06, Martin Hammer wrote:

>> Andy Horn - ecodesign@...
>> Colin Marincowitz - linkpty@...

>> PS - Bill Christensen, is Andy Horn a member of the GSBN?

> Nope, neither of them is.  Should I consider this a nomination?

> Bill Christensen