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Re: GSBN:A photo and questions


I understand your misgivings about the humorous picture of you doing a
headstand on a round bale. From my own professional experience as a
consultant I know that my humour can hurt the serious image others have
of you, specifically your own colleagues. The customers though seem to
have less trouble with humour and appreciate the fact that I am able to
put things into perspective. I personally find professionals who are
unable to see the lighter side of things suspect, what are they trying
to cover up for a lack of...

When I read your mail the first thing that came to my mind was
Hundertwasser. A very inspirational Austrian artist/architect. His
humourous performances and later designs have definitely given
architecture here in Europe a firm push in a greener more people
friendly direction. I firmly believe that is the direction we all
should be heading in. There is too much seriousnous in this world at
present. Adding some lightness is a perfect remedy for some of the
problems we are facing now.