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GSBN:Pine Needle Straw Bales

An ad appears on most search engines for pine needle straw bales. And I get
questions occasionally about whether or not to use pine needle straw bales.

I'd be concerned about the fire factor with pine needles (tar or resin,
etc.) and some say these very things would prevent prevent rot and
infestation (???) and the straw would be smaller and could be compacted
better than straw. My reply to date has been that I know of no testing of
this type of bale and haven't heard of anyone using them.

I have my doubts about this as a buildable bale. Please enlighten me and
share any information you have. (And expect that you might see a "short"
straw (as Matts and Judy called them) about this in some future issue of


Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
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