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GSBN:Design of Straw Bale Buildings

A little plug for a long awaited book. I haven't read it yet but it will be in my hands at the earliest opportunity.

*Design of Straw Bale Buildings - The State of the Art*
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.greenbuildingpress.com/dsbb/index.htm";>http://www.greenbuildingpress.com/dsbb/index.htm</a>

From the (online) introduction:
"The Internet has also been key to the growth of straw bale construction, as the sudden ubiquity of Web access has made it astonishingly easy for the nascent straw bale community &#xD0; for lack of a better word for a very loose-knit worldwide group of inventors, builders, scientists, architects, and engineers &#xD0; to communicate, collaborate, and learn from mistakes. And, as straw bale construction remains almost completely in the public domain, there is little protection of secrets or glossing-over of mistakes. Quite in contrast with other building technologies that are jealously guarded, the non-proprietary nature of straw bale building &#xD0; with a few exceptions &#xD0; has kept innovation, refinement, and failures out in the open for all to learn from."