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Re: GSBN: A photo and questions

A delayed thank you to David Eisenberg, John Swearingen and Rene Dalmeijer
for their thoughtful responses regarding one headstand on a bale.  (And to
Joyce Coppinger and Bruce King for their thoughts off list.)

As David described, I cornered myself into a "personal crisis" about this
and needed some outside perspective which those responses helped provide.  I
suppose it's all how you look at it.  There are plenty of positive ways to
interpret the photo, which most people have expressed to me and which was as
I intended, so I'll go with that.

Yesterday was my 50th birthday, so I'll take pleasure in the fact that I can
still do headstands (and handstands) at this age.  Although that photo was
taken at age 40, the year after I designed my first straw bale building.
Appropriate because it was about then I realized that straw bale building
tends to turn the conventional world of building upside down.

If someone asks, maybe I'll even do a headstand on a bale at the straw bale
Olympics at the ISBBC.  If so, I promise it won't be naked.  But with an
associated pun, and so as not to end with that image, thanks for allowing me
to bare my soul about the subject.

Martin Hammer

><When I read your mail the first thing that came to my mind was
> Hundertwasser. A very inspirational Austrian artist/architect.>
> Ah, yes, Hunderwasser.  Showed up naked for some events, but it didn't seem
> to harm him.  He painted airliners on commission, designed a postage stamp
> for the UN, and made the case for greener architecture before there was the
> word green.
> John
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> Martin,
> I understand your misgivings about the humorous picture of you doing a
> headstand on a round bale. From my own professional experience as a
> consultant I know that my humour can hurt the serious image others have of
> you, specifically your own colleagues. The customers though seem to have
> less trouble with humour and appreciate the fact that I am able to put
> things into perspective. I personally find professionals who are unable to
> see the lighter side of things suspect, what are they trying to cover up for
> a lack of...
> When I read your mail the first thing that came to my mind was
> Hundertwasser. A very inspirational Austrian artist/architect. His humourous
> performances and later designs have definitely given architecture here in
> Europe a firm push in a greener more people friendly direction. I firmly
> believe that is the direction we all should be heading in. There is too much
> seriousnous in this world at present. Adding some lightness is a perfect
> remedy for some of the problems we are facing now.
> Rene