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Re: GSBN: A photo and questions

Happy Birthday, Marty! Can't wait to see you do that headstand/handstand on
a bale at the ISBBC Olympics!


on 9.14.2006 11:28 PM, Martin Hammer at mfhammer@...:

> A delayed thank you to David Eisenberg, John Swearingen and Rene Dalmeijer
> for their thoughtful responses regarding one headstand on a bale.  (And to
> Joyce Coppinger and Bruce King for their thoughts off list.)
> As David described, I cornered myself into a "personal crisis" about this
> and needed some outside perspective which those responses helped provide.  I
> suppose it's all how you look at it.  There are plenty of positive ways to
> interpret the photo, which most people have expressed to me and which was as
> I intended, so I'll go with that.
> Yesterday was my 50th birthday, so I'll take pleasure in the fact that I can
> still do headstands (and handstands) at this age.  Although that photo was
> taken at age 40, the year after I designed my first straw bale building.
> Appropriate because it was about then I realized that straw bale building
> tends to turn the conventional world of building upside down.
> If someone asks, maybe I'll even do a headstand on a bale at the straw bale
> Olympics at the ISBBC.  If so, I promise it won't be naked.  But with an
> associated pun, and so as not to end with that image, thanks for allowing me
> to bare my soul about the subject.
> Martin Hammer
>> <When I read your mail the first thing that came to my mind was
>> Hundertwasser. A very inspirational Austrian artist/architect.>
>> Ah, yes, Hunderwasser.  Showed up naked for some events, but it didn't seem
>> to harm him.  He painted airliners on commission, designed a postage stamp
>> for the UN, and made the case for greener architecture before there was the
>> word green.
>> John
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>> Martin,
>> I understand your misgivings about the humorous picture of you doing a
>> headstand on a round bale. From my own professional experience as a
>> consultant I know that my humour can hurt the serious image others have of
>> you, specifically your own colleagues. The customers though seem to have
>> less trouble with humour and appreciate the fact that I am able to put
>> things into perspective. I personally find professionals who are unable to
>> see the lighter side of things suspect, what are they trying to cover up for
>> a lack of...
>> When I read your mail the first thing that came to my mind was
>> Hundertwasser. A very inspirational Austrian artist/architect. His humourous
>> performances and later designs have definitely given architecture here in
>> Europe a firm push in a greener more people friendly direction. I firmly
>> believe that is the direction we all should be heading in. There is too much
>> seriousnous in this world at present. Adding some lightness is a perfect
>> remedy for some of the problems we are facing now.
>> Rene
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