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Re: GSBN:Pine Needles in natural buildings

Thanks for the information, Andy. I'll keep looking into this and hope that
others will share what information they have, too.


on 9.15.2006 9:30 AM, Andy Horn at andy@...:

> Just to comment,
> While I have not come accross pine needles used for bales before...I have
> seen them used in an old timber frame, half ruined building in  Oslo -
> Norway... as part of the clay/fibre infilling. Clearly evident was a very
> pine needle rich clay/earth mix. I have
> also seen a friends pictures of pine needles being used in South America
> (think it was Bolivia) as fibre for adobe.
> thanks
> Andy Horn
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>> An ad appears on most search engines for pine needle straw bales. And I
>> get
>> questions occasionally about whether or not to use pine needle straw
>> bales.
>> I'd be concerned about the fire factor with pine needles (tar or resin,
>> etc.) and some say these very things would prevent prevent rot and
>> infestation (???) and the straw would be smaller and could be compacted
>> better than straw. My reply to date has been that I know of no testing of
>> this type of bale and haven't heard of anyone using them.
>> I have my doubts about this as a buildable bale. Please enlighten me and
>> share any information you have. (And expect that you might see a "short"
>> straw (as Matts and Judy called them) about this in some future issue of
>> TLS.
>> Thanks
>> Joyce
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