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GSBN: Digest for 9/25/06

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-> how many members?
     by "Rikki  Nitzkin" rikkinitzkin@...
-> Re: GSBN:how many members?
     by billc billc_lists@...


Date: 25 Sep 2006 04:52:35 -0700
From: "Rikki  Nitzkin" rikkinitzkin@...
Subject: how many members?

Hi all, 


I know a lot of you are in Canada now (wish I were there!), but I hope to
get some answers when you all get backO


I am writing an article about the situation of straw on an internacional
level for a newsletter we are producing for the SSBNOHow many countries are
represented by the GSBN? How many members are there?  In your (collective)
opinion what is the best website for International SB information? For
information about Technical Issues (resistance, durability, testingO)? 


How many people are in the Canada conference? From how many Countries?



Rikki Nitzkin 

Aulas, Lleida (Spain)

Auto-constructora y Educadora en Construccion con Balas de Paja y Revocos de

Co-ordinadora Red de Construccion con Balas de Paja


(0034) 657 33 51 62

 <<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:rikkinitzkin@earthlink.net";>mailto:rikkinitzkin@...> rikkinitzkin@...(Personal)

 <<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:casasdepaja@yahoo.es";>mailto:casasdepaja@...> casasdepaja@...(Asuntos de la Red)

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.casasdepaja.com";>http://www.casasdepaja.com</a>  (Red de Construccion con Balas de Paja)

"Tenemos el Derecho y Responsabilidad de Crear el Mundo en que Queremos

"We Have the Right and Responsability to Create the World we Want to Live


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Date: 25 Sep 2006 14:27:59 -0700
From: billc billc_lists@...
Subject: Re: GSBN:how many members?

At 11:24 AM +0200 9/25/06, Rikki  Nitzkin wrote:
>Hi all,
>I know a lot of you are in Canada now (wish I were there!), but I hope to
>get some answers when you all get backO
>I am writing an article about the situation of straw on an internacional
>level for a newsletter we are producing for the SSBNOHow many countries are
>represented by the GSBN? How many members are there?

Here's the current list of subscribers to GSBN 
(regular list followed by Digest members).  Count 
'em up!

PS: any subscriber can receive this list by 
sending an email to the list address with REVIEW 
in the subject line.  Even Matts, now that I've 
fixed it.

Please let me know offlist if anything is incorrect.

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orcaherwig@...	Herwig Van Zoom - Belgium
ds@...	Dirk Scharmer - FASBA, Germany
mail@...	Catherine Wanek -USA New Mexico
tomhahn@...	Tom Hahn, Phoenix AZ USA
thelaststraw@...	Joyce Coppinger, 
The Last Straw Journal, Lincoln
atelier_schmidt@...	Werner Schmidt - Switzerland
jma@...	Jorgen Munch-Andersen SBi, Danish Building Research Institute
duncan@...	Duncan Lithgow-Schmidt, Denmark
barbara@...	Barbara Jones- England
info@...	Barbara Jones- England
chug@...	Chris "Chug" Tugby -
lotan-build@...	Alex Cicelsky, Kibbutz Lotan, Israel
kopp@...	Sarah Kopp- Israel
rene.dalmeijer@...	Rene Dalmeijer - Netherlands
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fiodanbuck@...	Danny Buck - Santa Fe. New Mexico USA
design@...	Andrew Webb, QLD, Australia
Laura@...	Laura Bartels,  Carbondale CO USA
strawbales@...	Frank Thomas - NSW Australia
forum@...	Andre de Bouter - France
bob@...	Bob Bolles - San Diego California USA
paul@...	Paul Lacinski, Ashfield, MA USA
dan@...	Dan Smith - California
Cat@...	Catherine Wanek -USA New Mexico
lorobles55@...	Lorenzo Robles - France
xpolivier@...	Paul Olivier, Washington Louisiana USA
Zypresse1@...	Axel Linde - Deutchland
judyknox42@...	Judy Knox - Tucson Arizona USA
ketsie@...	Darren Port - USA
mattsmyhrman@...	Matts Myhrman, Tucson AZ USA
thangmaker@...	Frank Meyer - Austin.Texas USA
strawnet@...	David Eisenberg - Tucson.Arizona USA
kuba@...	Kuba
mark@...	Mark Piepkorn, Vermont USA
stafford@...	Chris Stafford - USA
turko@...	Turko Semmes, California USA
mbenn1035@...	Maurice Bennett - California USA
billc_lists@...	Bill Christensen - Austin.Texas USA
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jswearingen@...	John Swearingen, California USA
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moehlmann@...	Chris Newton  Brisbane Queensland AU
Pascal.THEPAUT@...	Pascal Thepaut - France
marcus1@...	Marcus Hardwick - California, USA
la-maison-en-paille.com@...	Andre de Bouter - France
rikkinitzkin@...	Rikki Nitzkin, Spain
janetjohnstn@...	Janet Johnston Armstrong , California USA
stoneandstraw@...	Nehemiah Stone - Loomis California USA
ecobruce@...	Bruce King, Sausalito California USA
jc10508@...	Joyce Coppinger - USA Nebraska
mfhammer@...	Martin Hammer, California
absteen@...	Bill and Athena Steen - 
USA Arizona - Mexico Cd. Obregon

larskeller@...	Lars Keller - Denmark
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cmagwood@...	Chris Magwood - Canada
john@...	John Glassford, Ganmain Australia
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bdco@...	Bohdan Dorniak - Australia
imagine@...	Helen &amp; Per Bernard - Australia
huffnpuff@...	John Glassford - Australia
m.faine@...	Mike Faine - U of Western Sydney, AU
j.zhang@...	John Zhang - U of Western Sydney, AU
derek@...	Derek Roff - USA New Mexico
bainbrid@...	David Bainbridge - USA California
tilla@...	Attila Meszaros - Hungary
iaebd@...	Evgeny Shirokov - Belarus

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