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Re: GSBN:Be careful folks (a fallers warning)

All the best Chug! Time to relax...

At the Plozevet building site, we did yoga every morning - thanks to Kuba
;-)). We started at 7
am, breakfast at 8 and started to work at 8:30. Luckily no real accidents...

Best wishes, Martin

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Subject: GSBN:Be careful folks (a fallers warning)

> Hey folks
> some bad news, I fell off a two storey roof (and it wasn't even SB) on
monday and and fractured my Calcaneum (heel bone) in several
> places and only got out of hospital today and it's pinned and plated and
in a plaster cast and I'm now gonna be on crutches for six
> weeks or possibly more, so I just wanted to say to all you good folks
please take care on your projects because as I found out on
> monday accidents on building sites can so easily happen even when you
think you are taking the best of care.
> bale on
> Chug
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