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Re: GSBN:Next International Conference

Hi all
Just a penny's worth from Australia - it would be great for the conference
to be held in Colorado.
I am sure that the numbers would be high and that you would provide a
fantastic venue.

See you in Colrado in 2008!!!

President Ausbale
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Subject: GSBN:Next International Conference

Dear International Community,
At the end of the great international conference in Canada recently, the
Colorado contingent stood up and offered to have the next int'l
conference ('08?) in Colorado, where we have several locations to choose
from with high concentrations of straw bale homes, schools and other
structures as well as a very active state association. There were also
conversations among other folks about whether the next conference should
be moved off the North American continent. Being new to this int'l
conference scene, I thought I would represent the CO folks and write to
all of you asking for your comments. Does it really come down to who is
willing and able to host such an event or is there some more meaningful
way to navigate this choice? We would be honored to have the chance to
host such an event, but are very sensitive to the global needs.

Thanks for your thoughts on this,