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GSBN:Re: :Next Conference and a request

Hi Laura,
Thanks for addressing the question of who to/where to early on, while
the conference is still fresh for us all.
I hope your question nudges a response from an Asian (perhaps
Thailand with Janell) or South American community, but the reality
is, as you say, who can ultimately pull it off. If it is to be in the
"west" then Colorado would be amazing... so too would be the UK or
Spain hmmmm.

It was wonderful to have some time with you in Ontario - I hope our
next visit includes the boys as well. Haven't had much time to really
digest all we took in at the conference. Had a read through some of
Bruce's book - a really great resource! Kelly's is by my bed, but am
not giving it "quality time" at all... hopefully after next week.
I am totally swamped with work. Having to pull together a brochure
and story boards for an enviro conference next week, install bales
and slip plaster an SB wrap this weekend, plus a heavy load of
classes and doing the reno here.... plus the usual calls don't stop.
You know how it is.   In the short term, while trying to wrap my head
around what it is that I exactly do, for this brochure, I wondered if
you could share with me the intro to yourself that you wrote for your
portfolio. I wouldn't use your text directly for whatever I end up
concocting, but the framework you created did trigger some thoughts
and flashed some light on the blur of services I offer.
If you feel OK with emailing me that, it would be much appreciated.

I know that I promised you some photos of the community projects as
well. I will have all of that stuff around next week as I create
these resources for the conference, which I would be happy to pass
your way, likely as a CD.

How goes your own new home project? Is it starting to gel as you look
at the lot, and dream?? Hoping so....

with love,


On 12-Oct-06, at 8:53 PM, Laura Bartels wrote:

Dear International Community,
At the end of the great international conference in Canada
recently, the
Colorado contingent stood up and offered to have the next int'l
conference ('08?) in Colorado, where we have several locations to
from with high concentrations of straw bale homes, schools and other
structures as well as a very active state association. There were also
conversations among other folks about whether the next conference
be moved off the North American continent. Being new to this int'l
conference scene, I thought I would represent the CO folks and
write to
all of you asking for your comments. Does it really come down to
who is
willing and able to host such an event or is there some more
way to navigate this choice? We would be honored to have the chance to
host such an event, but are very sensitive to the global needs.

Thanks for your thoughts on this,

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