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Re: GSBN:Next International Conference

 Hi all,

 I just realized that I should mention that there is a man from British Columbia, Paul Modde (paul.modde@yahoo.ca), who has contacted me about wanting to hold straw bale conferences in British Columbia (Canada) and Cuba in the next year or so, in part because he has been meeting with officials of the Cuban government about building sustainable housing using rice straw bales. So there is another potential venue for the future - Cuba - a little tricky for those of us with US citizenship, but an interesting possibility...

 Just wanted to mention this. I believe Habib knows Paul because Paul said that's how he got my contact info. So perhaps Habib could offer some additional insight into this.

 And I concur with the view that it would be ideal to have the next ISBBC on a different continent but if that falls through Colorado would be great.

 David Eisenberg

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  I spoke with Kelly at the conference and she said, speaking of China at
 least, that they are just not ready for the conference to be there yet,
 but it should be considered for the future. Kelly, am I correct in
 quoting you?

 billc wrote:

 > I agree with Martin that it would be nice to alternate between North
 > America and some other continent.
 > On the other hand, I know what a huge undertaking it is to put on
 > such an event. That means that the planning needs to start fairly
 > soon. So I would suggest that if no other group steps forward in the
 > next month or three from one of the other continents - say, by
 > January 1 - that we go ahead and plan for Colorado or California.
 > We don't really have any representatives from Asia aside from Kelly
 > (though we probably should), so it might be a little tricky getting
 > that to happen. Would anyone from Europe, Africa, or South America
 > like to publicly consider the possibility?
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