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Re: GSBN:Next International Conference

Well, Laura, you are forcing my hand - I had planned
to discuss the next international with the CASBA
Advisory Board at our November meeting - I had talked
to Mark at Kawartha about COSBA and/or CASBA hosting
the next one - some sort of collaborative venture with
preferably Colorado providing the physical location
(like the YMCA center in Estes Park ) and CASBA
assisting as needed/necessary with the program,
details, etc.

That being said - I also agree with Martin Hammer that
it would be nice to go outside North America - I think
Cuba might be a little dicey for US participants
although there are many Americans going to Cuba for
various reasons. Don't know what it would take for US
citizens to go legally but might be worth exploring.
Whatever works!!!

I appreciate your thoughts - Joy and I missed the end
of the conference and will certainly support COSBA in
any way possible if the decision is made to hold the
next international in Colorado but I also think that
maybe North America is hogging the venue -

Any other options out there??

Maurice Bennett

--- Laura Bartels laura@... wrote:

> Dear International Community,
> At the end of the great international conference in
> Canada recently, the
> Colorado contingent stood up and offered to have the
> next int'l
> conference ('08?) in Colorado, where we have several
> locations to choose
> from with high concentrations of straw bale homes,
> schools and other
> structures as well as a very active state
> association. There were also
> conversations among other folks about whether the
> next conference should
> be moved off the North American continent. Being new
> to this int'l
> conference scene, I thought I would represent the CO
> folks and write to
> all of you asking for your comments. Does it really
> come down to who is
> willing and able to host such an event or is there
> some more meaningful
> way to navigate this choice? We would be honored to
> have the chance to
> host such an event, but are very sensitive to the
> global needs.
> Thanks for your thoughts on this,
> Laura
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Maurice and Joy Bennett

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