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GSBN:insurance/mutual assurance: was Timok's fire

I think it's also time to trot out the idea of a Strawbale Mutual
Assurance system of some sort again.  If we were to set such a thing
up as a separate branch of an existing tax-deductible entity (TLS?
DCAT? one or more of the strawbale associations?) I would think it
would not be terribly difficult to set up an account to receive
regular monthly contributions and special case contributions, and to
disperse as needed.

I would be willing to serve on the board of such a group.

We'd need to draw up some guidelines on who could receive grants from
such a fund - perhaps requiring the incorporation of certain building
practices - and we'd need to come up with some internal guidelines on
how much to disperse on any particular calamity.

Though I'm sure there are plenty of details which will need to be
worked out, the benefits to the strawbale community are worth making
the effort.  It likely won't be able to satisfy a mortgage lender's
requirement of insurance, but it could both advance the quality of
construction by requiring certain practices and could provide an
initial safety net to help folks get back on their feet.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Actions?
Bill Christensen
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