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Re: GSBN:Nomination for GSBN Membership

In addition to supporting Mark Schueneman's nomination (which quickly
received numerous seconds) I second the nomination of Kris Dick.

I would have done so even before seeing his impressive presentation at the
ISBBC, but am now even more convinced.  The work he is doing with SB testing
and research in general, and in particular with the substantial SB building
he built at the University of Manitoba is of great value.  Against
University resistance, he managed to make it the only building on campus not
parallel to the road grid, so that it's long side faces the sun for passive
solar heating.  How's that for someone willing and able to break through the
status quo in the interest of sensible building design.

Kris also combines his brilliance with humor in a way that compares with
that other Canadian strawbale scholar/comedian John Straube.

Martin Hammer

>   I wholeheartedly support Mark's nomination and would like to suggest that we
> also add Kris Dick at the University of Manitoba. It was a delight to finally
> meet Kris and spend a bit of time talking with him. He would bring a lot of
> technical expertise and research resources as well as his wonderful sense of
> humor to the list.
>  David Eisenberg
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>   Hello all,
> I prepared this nomination some time ago but hadn't had a chance to visit
> with Mark until the ISBBC/Canada, so I can now forward it on to you all.
> Mark Schueneman has been actively involved in straw-bale construction in
> Colorado for a number of years now, heading up the Colorado Straw bale
> Association (COSBA), as an instructor for Sustainability and the Built
> Environment at the University of Colorado at Boulder, doing outreach in
> Anapara Mexico and on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, among
> other projects and programs.
> Mark will make a great GSBN member and I am pleased to make this nomination.
> Joyce
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