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Re: GSBN:Next International Conference

Hello everybody,

The ISBBC in Canada was wonderful and I'll gladly come to the US for a
next one in 2008. But I also agree that it is appropriate to leave some
time for other regions to step in if they feel up to it. Personally I'm
convinced that we (the French network) are not yet organized enough
ourselves to be able to host such an event.

For me it does not necessarily have to be a region with a lot of SB
experience/buildings. If a nice retreat in Sri Lanka would have us, I'd
be willing to go. I admit, I'd go almost anywhere, and certainly to some
tropical country. COSBA and CASBA could help them/or any other country
to organise the program and host the event. Having the ISBBC in an
emerging region would (hopefully) spur more action in that region (if
action in that direction is taken). So I say yes to Cuba, or whatever
place (with an international/American back-up) that can receive a big
group of SB-churchgoers.

I believe it is up to us non American/Canadian countries to step up
(before jan 1st.) or shut up ;-) and gratefully accept the COSBA/CASBA

By the way, I totally agree with Kelly's 'Frequent Ecoflyers' suggestion.

Bale on,

PS for Mark Piepkorn and others who forgot, there is a lot of info from
the 2004 ISBBC in Denmark on <a  target="_blank" href="http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/isbbc/";>http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/isbbc/</a>