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GSBN:Nominating new members

While we are on the subject of nominations, at the ISBBC I spoke with
several people that I believe should be part of the GSBN.  (In
addition to those who have already been nominated...)

Michel Bergeron, Montreal, Quebec, Canada bergeron@...
Archibio Architect Michel is also co-author of Serious Strawbale
(with Paul Lascinski).  One of  the earliest firms to build with
straw bales in Canada, Archibio pioneered the straw-bale living roof
in Canada and France. Michel designed the Sivananda Yoga Center as
well as collaborated on an urban strawbale home near downtown Montreal.

Sarah & Sven Johnston, Geraldine, NZ (South
island).  sarahjohnston@...
Designer Sarah (Francis ) Johnston is a founding member of Builders
Without Borders and COSBA.  She and her kiwi husband moved from
Colorado to the South Island of New Zealand where they are building
their own strawbale house, and where GSBN currently has no members.
They are excellent networkers, and host strawbale workshops and
gatherings, and Sarah designs for others, (and there are probably
many more accolades to describe them if only I knew).

Darcy Donnovan, PE, California and Pakistan  ddonovan@...
A professional engineer, Darcy is currently teaching and building
with straw bales in Pakistan  She leads a non-profit organization
called 6-Friends, that is assisting the rebuilding efforts in the
areas hit by a big earthquake last year.  She and her husband Bill
have been building a strawbale home in the high Sierras, where they
designed for snow loads are over 140 psf. (Maurice and Joy -- please
chime in with more about Darcy.)

Best regards,
Catherine Wanek

Black Range Films &
Natural Building Resources
119 Main St. , Kingston, NM 88042
505-895-3389 / fax 505-895-3389
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbalecentral.com";>http://www.strawbalecentral.com</a>

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