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Re: GSBN:Summer Plastering & ISBBC

At 01:11 AM 10/14/2006,  Martin Hammer wrote:
The photograph of Athena's sister's sculpture in front of the adobe
tower made an appearance in Catherine Wanek's "Worldwide Strawbale
Tour" at the ISBBC (if my memory serves correctly).  But more than a
photo, we would all love to see the two of you at a future ISBBC if
you're able.  In the meantime, simply, thanks....

Hi Bill and Athena  --  to set the record straight, Bruce King gets
the credit for showing your aforementioned photo in his truly
touching presentation at the ISBBC.  It was indeed a cool photo, and
I echo Martin's sentiments -- we wished you were there.  It would be
great to have you and Athena as presenters at a future ISBBC.

This may be one of the better reasons to have the next ISBBC in
Colorado -- the fact that it's not too terribly far from Canelo, Arizona.

While I totally agree with Andre de Bouter, and I would happily
travel far to the next ISBBC, there are two key reasons to accept
COSBA and CASBA's offers to host with appreciation.

First, its a lot of hard work to coordinate and requires
infrastructure to stage successfully.  With it's last two annual
spring conferences COSBA has shown that it has the dedicated members
to pull off this kind of event for the maximum effect.  There are
many high-quality strawbale homes around Colorado -- so it would be
possible arrange optional inspirational home tours before and
after.  In fact -- like Joyce Coppinger suggested -- an additional
tour might be set up, for instance, from San Francisco to Colorado
before the conference, and from Colorado to New Mexico to Arizona
after the Conference.

As an enthusiastic participant of the pre-ISBBC 2004 tours, it's hard
to express how memorable they were.  It was just fantastic to have
someone else do the driving, take you right to the hot spots, make
sure you are fed and have a pillow under your head, and translate or
interpret the many new and interesting things you are
seeing.  (Thanks again to Barbara Jones and Bee Rowan for organizing
the England, Wales, Ireland leg of the tour, and Rene Dalmeijer for
putting together the trip through Belgium, Germany and Denmark.  )

Second, since I know how much I enjoy experiencing another culture,
I've also observed how much people from other countries enjoy
visiting the USA.  The Colorado Rocky Mountains are world famous, and
to hold the conference there would be a beautiful bonus for our
colleagues from other countries.  Especially if this trip might be
combined with a bus tour, or a car caravan across CA and/or the Southwest.

Also, as Kelly Lerner pointed out, jet travel is CO2 intensive, so
perhaps the fewer Americans flying the better.  I also agree with the
idea of US participants paying more, to help offset travel costs for
others from faraway continents.  Perhaps the GSBN could start
collecting donations for such a travel fund.  (Or we at BWB could
start this travel fund.)

I'm also willing to help organize a pre or post conference car
caravan through New Mexico and Arizona, with stops in Crestone, Taos,
Santa Fe, & Kingston, NM and Tucson & Canelo, AZ, with maybe even a
visit to the Grand Canyon squeezed in.  Perhaps CASBA could
coordinate a similar trip in California.....?

By 2010 maybe France or New Zealand (two places I'd love to go) will
have the critical mass to host the next ISBBC.  For 2008 I vote for Colorado.

Cheers (as they say in Ontario)

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