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Re: GSBN:Nominating new members

I strongly second the nomination of Michel to GSBN

Sarah and Sven - I MIGHT have to think about this one
- a couple of smart #$$ Kiwis who didn't play quite
fair at the SB Olympics  - BUT they certainly deserve
to be on the list.

Darcey - a natural - Darcey has been a very strong
supporter of SB in general and CASBA in particular -
in addition to her engineering work and her admirable
Pakistanii (??sp??) projects she has been at the core
of the CASBA Detail Book revision - energetic,
imaginative, smart and a true player in the field of
Straw Bale and alternative construction. Not only yes
but heck yes.

A long way to say SECOND all of them!!!!


--- Catherine Wanek cat@... wrote:

> While we are on the subject of nominations, at the
> ISBBC I spoke with
> several people that I believe should be part of the
> GSBN.  (In
> addition to those who have already been
> nominated...)
> Michel Bergeron, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
> bergeron@...
> Archibio Architect Michel is also co-author of
> Serious Strawbale
> (with Paul Lascinski).  One of  the earliest firms
> to build with
> straw bales in Canada, Archibio pioneered the
> straw-bale living roof
> in Canada and France. Michel designed the Sivananda
> Yoga Center as
> well as collaborated on an urban strawbale home near
> downtown Montreal.
> Sarah & Sven Johnston, Geraldine, NZ (South
> island).  sarahjohnston@...
> Designer Sarah (Francis ) Johnston is a founding
> member of Builders
> Without Borders and COSBA.  She and her kiwi husband
> moved from
> Colorado to the South Island of New Zealand where
> they are building
> their own strawbale house, and where GSBN currently
> has no members.
> They are excellent networkers, and host strawbale
> workshops and
> gatherings, and Sarah designs for others, (and there
> are probably
> many more accolades to describe them if only I
> knew).
> Darcy Donnovan, PE, California and Pakistan
> ddonovan@...
> A professional engineer, Darcy is currently teaching
> and building
> with straw bales in Pakistan  She leads a non-profit
> organization
> called 6-Friends, that is assisting the rebuilding
> efforts in the
> areas hit by a big earthquake last year.  She and
> her husband Bill
> have been building a strawbale home in the high
> Sierras, where they
> designed for snow loads are over 140 psf. (Maurice
> and Joy -- please
> chime in with more about Darcy.)
> Best regards,
> Catherine Wanek
> Black Range Films &
> Natural Building Resources
> 119 Main St. , Kingston, NM 88042
> 505-895-3389 / fax 505-895-3389
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Maurice and Joy Bennett

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