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GSBN:GSBN nomination for Darcey Donovan

Catherine got there first with a nomination of Darcey Donovan.  I had
already drafted the following so:

With a recent flurry of nominations, coming partly out of the contacts made
and the energy from the ISBBC, I want to add an emphatic nomination for
Darcey Donovan.

Darcey is a civil engineer in northern California who has been involved with
straw bale buildings for about 6 years, and she has jumped in headfirst and
wholeheartedly.  She has engineered a number of SB buildings, and she and
her husband are finishing their own SB house.  But she has gone way beyond
what her private practice and private residence demands.  She is an active
CASBA member, including spearheading the in-progress CASBA details book.
Most remarkable however, is her incredible and selfless initiative in
bringing straw bale building to the earthquake devastated area of northern
Pakistan.  She answered a call last year and in May constructed the first
straw bale building in Pakistan, a women's vocational center, to train
Pakistanis in SB building.  She is there again now (and I will join her in a
week) to construct a prototype residence to further spread the very
appropriate SB word.  She is committed to a 5 year plan there.

This is a woman with energy and heart enough to cover the entire country of
Pakistan.  It would be nice to have her on the list, if for no other reason
than to be a voice with insight into that region.  Anyone who saw her choke
up with tears a minute into her Pakistan presentation at the ISBBC
understands her capacity for compassion.  And anyone witnessing the
remainder of the presentation understands her equal capacity for
constructive action.

As I traveled on the shuttle with her from the Conference to the airport,
she looked at me with wide eyes and an earnest smile and asked how one gets
onto the GSBN.  I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before, but there
she was, her enthusiasm, knowledge, and strawbale spirit bursting at the

If others agree to her nomination, I would be very happy to "hand deliver"
her invitation to join the GSBN, and I know it would boost even further her
energy and resolve with her work there.

Martin Hammer

PS - Bill C. - Darcey's e-mail address is ecoengineer@...But if
her nomination is accepted please don't send her an e-mail until 10/23, the
day after I arrive in Pakistan.  Thanks.