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Re: GSBN: nomination for Darcey Donovan

> At 9:39 PM -0700 10/15/06, Martin Hammer wrote:
>> PS - Bill C. - Darcey's e-mail address is ecoengineer@...But if
>> her nomination is accepted please don't send her an e-mail until 10/23, the
>> day after I arrive in Pakistan.  Thanks.
> Marty -
> With a ringing endorsement like that, do you really expect me to be
> able to wait?
> Sounds like she doesn't even need the official invitation.
> But since the 23rd is just a week away i'll try to hold off.

Bill  -  Yes, I suppose it was a fairly ringing endorsement.  But please
restrain your eagerness and hold off until the 23rd.  I think she would
really appreciate seeing something official on or after that date.  But I
would like to bring the news from half-way around the world in person first,
and tell her that I and others nominated her, and that her nomination was
accepted.  I'm looking forward to seeing the expression on her face.
Thanks.  -   Marty