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Re: GSBN: new members

At 10:23 AM 10/16/2006, you wrote:
At 6:13 PM -0600 10/15/06, Catherine Wanek wrote:
Michel Bergeron, Montreal, Quebec, Canada bergeron@...
Oops.  This email address didn't work.Got another for him?

Hi Bill -- I'm checking into that with Joyce Coppinger -- will get back to you.

Meanwhile -- a couple things I've been meaning to ask you:

Could you set up a PAY PAL option on our BWB website, as well as on Strawbalecentral.com?

Also, I've noticed that you have links to Oikos, Dirt Cheap Builder & Amazon from sustainablesources.com. I'm sure that they all offer a percentage back, which I am willing to do as well for StrawbaleCentral. Can we do this, and what are the terms? (I know SBCentral needs a remodel badly, but can't put in the time on it until I finish my latest book, which has taken me much longer than planned.... hopefully with a month....)