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Re: GSBN: new members

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<font size=3>At 08:05 PM 10/16/2006, you wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite="">Does BWB currently have a PayPal
account?&amp;nbsp; If so, under what email address?</font></blockquote> 
BWB did one transaction years ago, but doesn't have a current paypal
account, unless we are still in the system.&amp;nbsp; Could be.&amp;nbsp;
Probably the mail@... is the best
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite=""><font size=3>........... I've
been thinking about another way of doing the bookstore.&amp;nbsp; I've lately
been using a very customizable ecommerce package for building stores for
several of our clients, and was thinking about partnering up with someone
who will actually ship the books since we don't.&amp;nbsp; We could run both
our "store" and yours off the same database, and maybe we could
figure out a way of tracking whether orders come through Greenbuilder or
SBCentral - if through us, we get a bigger kickback; if through you, we
get a smaller kickback for building and running things.&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; We
may still refer some more obscure or specific books or videos to
DirtCheap, Oikos, and even Amazon if you're not interested in stocking
and shipping them. 
The software we've been using has a lot of great features built in -
Paypal payments, credit card payments (you'd still need a merchant
account of course, but you probably already have one); various shipping
options (UPS, Fedex, USPS) all calculated based on the weight you assign
to each item; gift certificates; group discounts, etc.&amp;nbsp; It's also
easy to add/delete items, put on sales, etc etc.&amp;nbsp; I can probably put
it together pretty quickly, too.&amp;nbsp; I'm in the middle of building a
very customized one for a big client of mine, so I'm pretty 'up' on the
ins and outs...........So think on that, and let's talk about terms and
such.&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; Meanwhile, I'll go poke around and see how easy it'll
be to track which side makes the sale.</font></blockquote>  
That sounds great to me because our online sales have really dwindled to
almost nothing.... I wonder if it is Amazon, but also I know we need a
better sales page, and secure online transactions.&amp;nbsp;   
We also plan to offer more free stuff on the site, as well as a free back
issue of TLS with purchases, etc.&amp;nbsp;  
I have been even considering phasing out some of what we carry.........
but if we could team up -- with Us doing the fulfillment and You doing
the online catalogue (and an easy way to figure out the percentages) we
might start drawing more of our network back to buying from the
greenbuilders in the trenches....;-)  
<font size=3>Hope to be ready to do this in a month or so... or it could
also wait till after the holidays, depending on your work load. 

Best Regards,  
Catherine Wanek 
Natural Building Resources 
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