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RE: GSBN:Nominating new members

At 11:34 AM 10/17/2006, you wrote:
So, did you go to ISBBC?   Was good?

I did end up going, yeah, and it was quite good. Though I almost always feel accepted, I also almost never feel quite like I fit in at any of these sorts of events. I'm not a professional offering services, I'm not an owner-builder trying to learn everything in a week... just this guy who likes the people involved. Yeah, I'm strongly in favor of the materials and methods, but it's the people that keep me sucked in. Getting to hang a little with some good folks that I literally haven't seen in years, I liked that OK.

        Way too many pictures at
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.potkettleblack.com/natbild/isbbc06.html";>http://www.potkettleblack.com/natbild/isbbc06.html</a>

I tried posting them to GSBN, but I have some email troubles that I haven't cleared up.

Did Hank keep himself busy enough to stay out of the way?

That idiot. I can't believe he didn't go. I posted this to SB-r-us just today:

At 07:32 AM 10/17/2006, Hank Carr wrote:
It may just be the types of events that I attend...

I'm still astonished that you didn't attend the ISBBC - such a rare opportunity to learn so much at a gathering with so many of the world's most knowledgeable, experienced, forward-thinking SB practitioners (who by and large are very concerned about embodied energy nonsense, espouse the use of earthen plasters whenever possible, and are among the most intelligent and deeply considerate people I've ever known). And it was practically right in your own back yard, too. You told me months ago in an email that you weren't going to go, that you were going to leave it to "the professionals." I didn't really believe it... but you really didn't go. (Well, you actually did go long enough to misconstrue at least one important point in a conversation with Matts about the recent fire tests, I guess, and long enough for me to snap a couple photos.) I'm sure you must have had a good reason... but what a missed opportunity that was. I wish you'd have attended.

Ben, who wrote the email you were responding to, was there. But you knew that - you were the point person for registration. And chances are good that you don't give a hoot who Ben is... even though he's been a building professional deeply involved in strawbale since - what, Ben, '93? A groundbreaker, he is. And a little bit too modest.