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Re: GSBN:Nominating new members

info@..., ca or bergeron@...= try these and if they don't
work, let me know, please.


on 10.17.2006 9:58 AM, billc at billc_lists@...:

> No need for more seconds.
> If anyone has a current email address for Michel Bergeron, please
> send it to me offlist.  The one Catherine had bounced.
> I've sent out invitations to:
> Sarah & Sven Johnston
> Kris DIck (accepted, now he just needs to tell me which email address to use)
> Linda Zhu
> Darcy Donovan's invitation will be delivered personally by Martin
> Hammer when he arrives in Pakistan next week, as he "wants to see the
> look on her face" when she gets it.
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