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RE: GSBN:Nominating new members

Hey Bill,

        Ugh. I'm kind of a pain sometimes.

I think I'm subscribed to GSBN with my potkettleblack address, yes? I've found myself unable to actually send email with that return-address, so I can't post. (The mail servers I use won't allow a return address other than one from their own domain.) I used to do it through greenbuilder, but after that laptop meltdown last winter I couldn't remember the settings. (You'd think I would have backed them up.) Anyway, can you change my GSBN subscription address to duckchow@gmail.com? Or, if you want me traipsing mail through your server, I'll need to be reminded of the settings.

Also, chances are good that you have a huge wad of uncollected spam in my name somewhere over there...

        This is what I mean to post:

- - - - -

Fireman's Fund may be an insurance company to watch with some hope. Last week they introduced customizable coverage for commercial green buildings: "In response to commercial real estate's green building movement evolving from the benefits to the environment and building owner's bottom line, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company today announced Certified Green Building Replacement and Green Upgrade coverages."

This may be the beginning of the sort of insurance reform St. Eisenberg has been nudging along the past several years. Let's hope it spreads to residential coverage soon.

A press release from Fireman's:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.firemansfund.com/dcmsSites/library/pdf/NewsReleaseGreenInsurance1006.pdf";>http://www.firemansfund.com/dcmsSites/library/pdf/NewsReleaseGreenInsurance1006.pdf</a>

Mark Piepkorn

If you want to waste your time,
scatter millet and pick it up again.
  - graffiti from Pompeii, 79 A.D.