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Re: GSBN:Canadian Conferences

On Oct 19, 2006, at 9:08 AM, Habib John Gonzalez wrote:

Greetings all:

Paul Moode keeps me up to date on his regular contacts with Cuban
officials. He introduced them to various bale building methods we
over the last year such as the airbag precompression system of Bob
and Linda Chapman at Fibrehouse Inc., the Strandblock baling method
for a
number of recycled fibres such a begasse (post pressing waste sugar
and quick build small load bearing homes.

He hopes to organize an international native housing conference in
in the near future and invite a Cuban delegation to visit BC and tour
plastered straw bale homes on the coast. All this has long been in the
planning stages.

Habib --

I was in Cuba a year ago for the Ecomateriales conference (an
every-four-year conference held in Santa Clara, Cuba, sponsored by the
University of Santa Clara along with various international NGO's
involved with disaster housing).

A professor (and wonderful person) at the Univ, of Santa Clara,
Fernando Martirena, is the main force behind the conference, and has
been doing fantastic work with bagasse fiber, and burnt bagasse as
pozzolan, along with earthen housing.  His english is excellent, and
I'm sure he would love to be part of such a conference.

His email:  F.Martirena@...

Saludos a todos,

Bruce King, PE
Director, Ecological Building Network  ( www.ecobuildnetwork.org )
Publisher, Green Building Press  ( www.greenbuildingpress.com )

11 Mark Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903  USA
(415) 987-7271
bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org (same email)

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