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GSBN:One more GSBN'er ...

Dear GSBN,

I suggest that Caroline Meyer White is invited to join this list.
The first and primary reason is Carolines present ingagement in Pakistan, to
which I introduced you a few months ago, and which keeps developing in
several unforeseen interesting ways.
Back in Denmark Caroline is a true mover in regard to passing on knowledge
to others, as well as working closely with the most active persons in the SB
business in Denmark.
And as a last reason: I have known Caroline for a while now, and she is only
getting more and more involved. And she's got a strong fire burning inside,
and I think this forum could be a good support for her, as well as get
inspirations through her work and ideas.

Best regards

Jo, Asger og jeg er pt I Australien. Vi er i Danmark igen midt november.

Jo, Asger and I are in Australia until mid November this year.


Lars, Jo og Asger
5 Crouch Street North
Mount Gambier
5290 SA

Mobiltlf: 0061 405 366 455

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