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RE: GSBN:One more GSBN'er ...

<x-charset windows-1255>Dear Caroline,
Welcome to the GSBN.
I hope that your presence will add some more knowledge and wisdom in the
world of SB construction at its simplest level - simple and safe shelter.
We were unable to send a representative to this (or past) ISBBC -
nevertheless we are hungry for learning about SB construction for use our
seismically active areas: Israel, Sinai-Egypt, Jordan and Palestine.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the building authorities, we can not
utilize load bearing SB's - we must present an earthquake resistant, dead
and wind load viable post and beam structure.  Invariably proportionally
more material goes into the roof structure so I believe it is moot to
refrain from constructing with posts.  Nevertheless this material, whether
RHS Steel, angle iron worked into trusses and/or wood elements are costly
and demand professional construction.  We have a natural aversion to
reinforced concrete structural units that I think you can appreciate.  We
would appreciate your input into our continuing search for proven structural
designs (wall and roof framing) of complete SB insulated envelopes.  Perhaps
your work in Pakistan has led to innovative, efficient structural

We'd appreciate whatever materials; words, plans and photographs, you can
share with us.  If there is a cost involved for reproducing CD's/plans - or
you request a donation for the relief/development organizations you are
working with  - please let me know.

If you do end up in this particular neighborhood, please consider yourself
formally invited to visit us - we (our community and students) would love to
meet you and learn first hand from your experience.

Our first SB/earthplastered geo-dome* (quick, strong, engineer approved) is
being lived in but it is not yet "cleaned up" enough to photograph before
publication in TLS. We're working on that. I'll also post info on it in GSBN
so that it can be imitated if considered utilitarian and socially

Take care and continued good fortune,

Alex Cicelsky; Design, Construction and Education
Center for Creative Ecology
Kibbutz Lotan, D.N. Eilot 88855  Israel
Tel: 08-6356914, Mobile: 054-979-9009, Fax: 08-6356842
Email: lotan-build@...

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At 09:01 PM 10/21/2006, Lars wrote:
>..........I suggest that Caroline Meyer White is invited to join this list.
>The first and primary reason is Carolines present ingagement in

I second Caroline's nomination.  Her presentation at the ISBBC was so
impressive, in that she responded to the need in Pakistan after the
earthquake with an incredible determination and passion for
people-first natural building (that Lars speaks of).  I'd love to
hear more from and about Caroline.

best regards,

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