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Re: GSBN:One more GSBN'er ...

At 3:47 AM -0400 10/22/06, strawnet@...:
  Alex and all,

 Your valuable comments, addressed to Caroline, may actually be more
appropriately directed to one of the other new members of GSBN,
Darcy Donovan, the structural engineer who has been working with
Caroline on the Pakistan project helping to resolve the seismic
issues that also concern you. Darcy is a California structural
engineer and member of CASBA and as such has a lot of experience
dealing with some of the more stringent seismic codes anywhere for
both conventional and sb structures. Of course, the same is true of
Bruce King. And if you haven't yet ordered or gotten a copy of The
Design of Straw Bale Buildings, Bruce's new book, I can't recommend
it highly enough as a resource for dealing with exactly the kinds of
questions and challenges you are facing. That is exactly why it was

 I don't know when Martin Hammer, who is heading to Pakistan (if not
there already), will be hand delivering the news to Darcy that she's
now a member of the GSBN or exactly what kind of internet access
she'll have where she's working. So I don't know when she'll be
joining in on this conversation. The same is true for Caroline. In
fact, we haven't yet had word from Bill that she's been added to the

Caroline agreed to join and I added her moments ago.

Martin should be arriving in Pakistan tomorrow.  He asked me to hold
off adding Darcy until then.

I'll send out a full list of members in a few days.  I'm still
waiting to hear back from Linda Zhu of ADRA from the latest round of
invitees, but everyone else we invited (with the exception of Darcy,
who will be added tomorrow) is now a member.

Bill Christensen
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