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GSBN:invitation for a new member from Estonia

Hello all,

A big welcome to all recently added GSBN members.

We have enclosed an e-mail from Kermo Juerman to us below. Kermo
travelled and worked in Australia for 12 months until mid September
2006. While here, he worked with us on six different strawbale projects,
raising walls and rendering with clay & lime. He has proofed to be quite
skilled at rendering, very keen to learn more and very enthusiastic
about strawbale construction and natural renders.

He is now back in Estonia and would like to become a member of GSBN,
basically to learn and get more involved in the SB community. 
We loved working with Kermo and because there is no GSBN member from
Estonia as yet we would like to nominate him to join this forum.

Kermo has completed environmental technology studies in Estonia and has
worked in general construction as well as lime & earth rendering for
several years.

His website <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.keskkond.com/strawbalebuilding/";>http://www.keskkond.com/strawbalebuilding/</a> shows pictures of
the projects he has worked on with us in Australia.

We understand that Kermo might not be known to any others on this list
but with our nomination we hope to welcome Kermo to this forum.

Regards, Frank &amp; Ingrid

PS: Kermo's e-mail address is: kermo@...

Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction
Ph. &amp; Fax: + 61 2 4443 5282 Mobile: 0408415806

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Sent: Monday, 23 October 2006 4:37 AM
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Subject: back in Estonia

Hello Frank!

How are you doing? What kind of project do you have at the moment?
I have a couple of rendering projects here, especially lime rendering
some clay rendering as well. I have visited some straw bale buildings
in Estonia, I'm gonna send you some pictures as soon as I put them on
internet. I already gave 2 lectures, where I introduced strawbale
in general and described strawbale construction in Australia (remember..
have so cool pictures :)

I bought 2 books: Minke&amp;Mahlke "Building with" and another picture book
"The beauty of strawbale building"

I have a question for you as well.
How can I become a member of Worldwide Straw Bale Association?
I still have a dream to practice strawbale building in some country of

All the best for you, for you wife and children!