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GSBN:Strawbale size

Hi All (again)

We will be building a warehouse and office complex next year of 1150 sq.m
(approx 11,000 sq. ft) of compressive frame design, not quite loadbearing.
We'd like to know where it fits in terms of size globally. Does anyone know
the size of the largest strawbale buildings constructed to date, and where
they are?

And if anyone wants to help us build it we'll be running a whole series of
course around May next year, keep an eye on our website!

Great to see so many of you at the ISBBC. Weren't the Olympics FAB?!

Has anyone else used bales from a Massey Ferguson baler that feeds from
below? These have the cut sides on the top rather than on the side, which
makes trimming much easier. (thanks for your contact on that one, Chug)

Thanks a lot


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