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Re: GSBN:Strawbale size

On 10/30/06, Barbara info@...:

Has anyone else used bales from a Massey Ferguson baler that feeds from
below? These have the cut sides on the top rather than on the side, which
makes trimming much easier. (thanks for your contact on that one, Chug)

Bob Bolles here, San Diego, California, USA
We are seeing more and more of them; Our Straw (and Hay) Broker/Trucker told
me that their cost is around half of what the others cost, and for that
reason, all of the old ones will be phased out and replaced with the type
with the cut side on the top.
I am a little concerned that this configuration might cause increased air
filtration along the grooves;
Does that seem to be a valid concern to anyone?


Bob Bolles
Sustainable Building Systems, Inc
San Diego/Southern CA
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