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RE: GSBN:Numbers of houses

Hi Again,
I miscounted the completed homes. There are 11 not 7 as previously
detailed. I have no doubt that there are other owner builders who have
done our course that are about to or have started, but these are the


Hi All,
We & our owner builders have 7 that have been, or are near enough to
completed and a further 15 at different stages varying from near
completion to building permit application having just been made. Almost
all of these homes are in Victoria, Australia. On top of that is a
cellar door for a vineyard in Heathcote Victoria who have just received
their building permit.

Kind regards

Brian Hodge
Anvill Straw Bale Building Consultants

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In the Netherlands 20-25 Belgium 35

On Oct 30, 2006, at 15:49, Strawbalefutures wrote:

> Hi All
> Any chance someone from each country could give an educated guess as
> to how many strawbale homes there are in each country, and how many
> total strawbale
> buildings.
> Thanks
> Barbara
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