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Re: GSBN:Strawbale size

Hello all,

I'm not sure if this answer will get through since it's my first ever
participation to this highly fashionable exchange...

My guess for the count of SB structures in Quebec would be of at least 60
tending to 100 (that's what guessing is all about !). We did a survey some
5-6 years ago and were able to contact 30 owners. By now the number has
certainly doubled.

As for the largest structure in our province, it is still the Sivananda
lodge which I designed and was build 10 years ago (already !). It is a
12,000 s.f. Modified post & beam frame with infill bales.

Michel Bergeron
6282, de Saint-Vallier
Montr?al. Qu?.
H2S 2P5

Le 30/10/06 23:17, ÇÊCatherine WanekÊÈ cat@... a ?critÊ:

> At 08:10 AM 10/30/2006, you wrote:
>> Does anyone know the size of the largest strawbale buildings
>> constructed to date, and where
>> they are?
> The largest that I can think of in the US are:
> The Ridge Winery, Healdsburg, CA (28,000 Sq ft or more?)  It was
> being built in stages, so I'm not sure.  Tim Owen Kennedy, Vital
> Systems, who contracted the bales and plasters has the low-down.... Tim?
> The Foothills Academy, a charter school near Phoenix, AZ
> (25,000)  (Tom Hahn & crew, bale contractor) Tom?
> The Straw Bale Market, Helena, Montana (Jeff Ruppert, Odisea Design,
> contractor, and Laura Bartels, Greenweaver, installed a moisture
> monitoring system - as described in TLS)  How big was that?
> The Real Goods retail store, Hopland, CA -- Size??
> -regards,
> Catherine
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