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Re: GSBN:Strawbale size

The Straw House Market was much smaller than the winery, maybe only
8,000 sf.
But Jeff Ruppert should be piping up about the horse arena and attached
apartment that he is just finishing that I believe is about 40,000 sf.
Jeff, are you out there?


Catherine Wanek wrote:

At 08:10 AM 10/30/2006, you wrote:

Does anyone know the size of the largest strawbale buildings
constructed to date, and where
they are?

The largest that I can think of in the US are:

The Ridge Winery, Healdsburg, CA (28,000 Sq ft or more?)  It was
being built in stages, so I'm not sure.  Tim Owen Kennedy, Vital
Systems, who contracted the bales and plasters has the low-down.... Tim?

The Foothills Academy, a charter school near Phoenix, AZ
(25,000)  (Tom Hahn & crew, bale contractor) Tom?

The Straw Bale Market, Helena, Montana (Jeff Ruppert, Odisea Design,
contractor, and Laura Bartels, Greenweaver, installed a moisture
monitoring system - as described in TLS)  How big was that?

The Real Goods retail store, Hopland, CA -- Size??


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