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Re: GSBN: Numbers of houses

Hi all,
Here's the count from China:

SB houses built through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency
(ADRA) project (1998-2004):
606 homes plus 3 schools.

SB houses built outside of ADRA's project (with ADRA's or One World
Design's technical support):
2003: 30 homes
2004: 10 homes
2005: one dormitory, 44 straw bale houses in Benxi
2006: 1 home, plus 2 dormitories

So, in China, as far as we know, there are 691 SB homes, plus 3 SB
schools, plus 3 SB dormitories.

I'm currently reviewing a blueprints for five small strawbale houses
and one strawbale school that will be distributed by the Heilongjiang
Provincial Department of Rural Construction throughout the province.
It's a BIG governmental seal of approval for the SB technique. It
will be interesting to see what independent building activity they
spur. By 2010, I'd love to be able to say that I don't know how many
SB houses there are in China because SB construction is growing so quickly.

Bale On,

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